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An beautiful place to stay

Spend the night and rest your legs: nature, history and culture are within your grasp with the "Kabaisercher"

Spend your night in history and luxury

Ever dreamt of spending the night in great luxury in a small fairytale castle? What about sleeping in an elementary school building? Or on top of a water reservoir, or in a trains sleeping compartment? Not sounding very glamorous? We assure you: The "Kabaisercher" are a real highlight of the region. These hiking lodges combine a rich and varied past with modern materials, design and technology and will accomodate you in style and comfort. But you don't have to be a hiker to enjoy their comfortable embrace - the "Kabaisercher" are also ideal for bikers discovering a diverse region.

All eleven different "Kabaisercher" were chosen for their historical link and location, tightly woven into the fabric of the Minett region. They consist of historical sites or buildings, renovated to allow their guests to fully enjoy the diversity of the Minett Region. To make these hiking lodges really unique, much care was employed to work together with the national organization of Architects and Engineers ("Ordre des Architectes et Ingénieurs-Conseils", OAI) to find the ideal candidates for these ambitious revalorization works.

A restful stop: The Lénger Schoul

Who would have thought that going to school could bring so much joy? At this "Kabaischen", the hearts of any guest will beat higher. And don't worry: you don't have to answer any exam questions here. This old school building was completely renovated by an architect's office and many useful and comfortable elements were added; no mandatory studying necessary.

All aboard to destination luxury: The Waggon in Fond-de-Gras

Spend a night close to nature and history: The Fond-de-Gras industrial station is located in the middle of a huge nature reserve. Decades ago, the ore mined in the opencast mines and in the galleries was reloaded here and transshipped to the furnaces of the region.

You can now stay overnight in this magical setting, because here you sleep in an old railway carriage in the middle of the "Minett Park" of the Fond-de-Gras

A little town lost in time: La Sauvage

The village of Lasauvage lies dreamily in a valley on the border with France, so inconspicuous and yet rich in history. The village is named after a mystical wild woman who is said to have lived in nature in the area, spending her life in the wilderness. So rest assured: The "Kabaischen" in Lasauvage, located directly above the Crosnière river, is certainly more comfortable than life in the woods.

A modern take on a hiking hut: The Gîte in Belvaux-Rédange

In this bungalow, whose look also has a bit of industrial charm, space was created for a total of 12 beds thanks to excellent room planning. A large common room provides the opportunity for a lively exchange with like-minded hikers and other guests. A bungalow dating from the 1950s stood on this plot of land. It was in a state of disrepair, so it was demolished. However, its typology has been revisited, with a contemporary interpretation. The roof line is reminiscent of the industrial hall that stands in the immediate vicinity and on the same property. The result was a state-of-the-art hiker's hut, which is absolutely worth visiting. The natural environment of the "Kabaischen" was left as natural as possible; Trees and garden were preserved.

Unusual accomodations: The Pump it up! in Esch

Sometimes here, sometimes there: theoretically there is no fixed location for the "Pump it up!", the "Kabaischen" near the Minett metropolis of Esch-sur-Alzette. Unlike its ten siblings, this ingenious sleeping option is not anchored in a foundation, but mounted on a trailer. With just a few simple steps, the entire system can be set up in ever new locations.

An underground affair: Sleep in the Waasserbaséng in Schifflange

Fancy sleeping with the fishes? Admittedly: there are no fish in the former water basin next to the living room of this unusual hiker's hut. But this unusual overnight stay is still one of the highlights of the "Kabaisercher" package, and though fish aren't in the bassin,that doesn't make this "Kabaischen" any less interesting. Starting with the fact that you first have to climb down to spend the night. Because the living space of this hiker's hut is located below the surface.

The Kabaischen in Schifflange will not be completed until 2023. An alternative accomodation will be made available in the meantime.

The rural resting place: Biergemer Kabaisercher

The perfect balancing act between luxury and "au naturel": in the "Kabaischen" in Bergem, one of eleven hiking huts along the regional hiking trail, the focus is on the environment and sustainability. Hikers can spend a night in sustainable lodgings, in this small, original, environmentally friendly construction behind the ‘BeimNëssert’ Cultural Centre in Bergem. The small hut is made of recycled cardboard. The walls are made of 24 layers of cardboard that were moulded around a huge machine

The rest stop on the wild side: Parc Merveilleux - Reenert

You've made it to your destination: Here in front of the entrance to the "Parc Merveilleux" animal park in Bettembourg, the regional hiking trail "Minett Trail" not only has a start and end point, the entrance is also the perfect station for an unusual overnight stay. Because here in the entrance area in the form of a small castle gate, a very unusual "Kabaischen" of the trail was created. Ideal for families, but also guests without small children will be able to spend a wonderful night here.

Industrial heritage in Kayl/Tétange

Six sleeping accommodations await curious guests here, where decades ago the trolley cars were weighed full of the precious, ore-bearing "Minette" rock. This old administrative building of the ironworks company in Tétange is literally dripping with history; from here, the ore went to all the steel plants in the region, creating part of the wealth that changed the fortunes of the Grand Duchy in the 20th century. Now, as in many places in the Minett region, this historic building has been turned into something new: A "Kabaischen".

The allure of the past: House Gonner in Rumelange

The ‘Maison Gonner’, as it was called by the locals, stood on the mining path on Rue de la Bruyère, towards the Klinker Intermoselle factory. Around 1900, the mine’s administrative offices were located there. Located on the site of the National Mines Museum, its architecture bears witness to the style of industrial buildings of the time. Eight places to sleep await new guests inside. Divided into four small sleeping cabins with two beds each over two floors, which all have a small anteroom where you can relax or chat with other guests, "Haus Gonner" is a small miracle of room division.

Close by the water: The Floater in Dudelange

A very unusual "Kabaischen" can be found in Dudelange, one of the end (or starting) points of the hike through the Minett region. This hiker's hut, an elaborate steel and wood construction, is situated directly at the water surface. The "Kabaischen" is the unique result of a close collaboration between the artist Franck Miltgen, engineers and architects.

At a glance

Unsure which one to pick? With these one-of-a-kind hiking huts, you'll make some unforgettable memories of a beautiful stay in the Minett Region. This map overview shows you where they're located

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The Kabaisercher: a history together with the OAI

The syndicate of the regional municipalities Pro-Sud and the OAI (Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers) jointly organised an architectural competition. The aim was to build hiking lodges - one per municipality - along the Minett Trail. By constructing buildings and/or renovating existing structures, extraordinary accommodations for hikers were to be created along the trail.

After a long, almost two-year prospection in the region, by a group of specialists, eleven sites were selected from over 100 proposals in close consultation with each municipality - one site per municipality.

The OAI was then invited to participate in this project, which fits in with its many activities to promote building culture, in order to make it an ambitious, innovative project worthy of a European Capital of Culture.

In compliance with the laws on the preservation of natural and historical heritage, each site was finally selected by each municipality on the basis of the criteria of feasibility, originality and functionality for future guests. These criteria also formed the basis for the evaluation by a multidisciplinary jury of the projects submitted by architectural firms from Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The offices were asked to invite artists and architecture students to participate in the design of their projects.

The Minett Region and its hosts await your visit

Other places to stay

A youth hostel, holiday homes or exellent hotels: There's a veritable treasure trove of hotels and hostels waiting for you and your stay in the Minett Region.

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