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Minett Germany France

Minett Cycle Preview: Segment Sanem-Bettembourg

Starting point
4 Rue de la Fontaine, 4988 Sanem
Gare de Bettembourg
19,89 km
1:20 h
  • Condition
  • Technique
Highest point
343 Hm
Lowest point
273 Hm
Aggregated Ascent
84 Hm
Aggregated Descent
99 Hm
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As a preview of 2023, ride through a section of the upcoming "Minett Cycle" on the PC6 route between Sanem and Bettembourg train station

In the south of Luxembourg lies the Minett region, the land of the red soil (Terre rouge), named after the ore-bearing rock in the soil, which also colors it red. In the future, a coherent, fully signposted bicycle tour will lead through the entire region: the "Minett Cycle". After 2023, a total of 150 kilometers (divided into three loops) of bicycle infrastructure should invite you to discover them.

Until then, you can already ride sections of the future "Minett Cycle" and discover sections of the unique Minett region. On this section, the path between Sanem and Bettembourg in the southern region leads right through the heart of the region; north past Esch-sur-Alzette, Lallange and Schifflange, and then on to Bettembourg, the route thus takes you past several important sites of the historic steel industry. For example, past the old industrial wasteland of the former "Metze Schmelz" with its "Cueva 2022" exhibition in Schifflange.

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