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Discover the Minett region by bike - 150 kilometers of biking - three different loops

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150 km of biking throughout a historic, culturally diverse region in the south of Luxembourg: The Minett Cycle invites you to (re)discover its region like never before. Leading throughout the entire Minett Region, this cycling tour allows you to visit all major touristic and cultural highlights from the comfort of your own saddle, and at your own speed.

Due to unforeseen delays, the Minett Cycle will not be ready to go in 2023. We aim to deliver the best possible experience and to assure this, we want to get the entire tour length fully signposted for your safety as well as the safety of others. This unfortunately means that works will continue into next year.

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  • Discover the Minett and its history
  • 14 tours through 13 municipalities
  • Available for free

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