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Discover the Minett region by bike - take a preview ride of what awaits you in the future

Due to unforeseen delays, the Minett Cycle is not quite ready yet. We aim to deliver the best possible experience and to assure this, we want to get the entire tour length fully signposted for your safety as well as the safety of others. This unfortunately means that works will continue into next year.

Until all the necessary steps have been completed, you can always take a ride on one of our "Piste Cyclables" that lead throughout the region and discover what the Minett has in store for you that way.

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Bordering excellence: Belvaux - Tétange

On this section, you cycle between Belvaux and Tétange. The tour starts next to the train station of Belvaux-Rédange and brings you to the Schungfabrik in Tétange. The route passes along the National bike path 8 and allows you, among other things, to discover the old industrial sights of the region: Pass the district of Esch-Belval, discover the city of Esch-sur-Alzette as well as the nature reserve "Ellergronn". Rumelange offers you its old iron mines and at the "Léiffrächen" you can visit the National Miners Monument.

Crossing a region: Sanem - Bettembourg

On this section, you cycle between Sanem and the city of Bettembourg. The tour starts at the castle of Sanem and ends in Bettembourg. The route between Sanem and Bettembourg crosses the heart of the region; to the north, via Esch-sur-Alzette and the district of Lallange, passing by Schifflange where you cycle beside the Metzeschmelz including the Ferro Forum and the nature reserve of "Brill" and up to Noertzange where the path leads you to your destination Bettembourg, the itinerary passes by several important sites of the historical steel industry.

Ride it out on top: Sanem - Kockelscheuer

On this section, you cycle between Sanem and the district of Kockelscheuer which belongs to the city of Roeser. The tour starts at the castle of Sanem and ends at the camping place of Kockelscheuer. The route that ends near the city of Luxembourg crosses the idyllic and rural part of the Minett region; via Limpach with the "Pretemer Haff", Reckange-sur-Mess and Leudelange, you can have a small taste of what awaits you in the future on the routes of the three loops of the "Minett Cycle" on the asphalt cycle track of the "Piste Cyclable 9".

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  • © Emile Hengen , ORT SUD
    Cycling Tours
    Minett Cycle Preview Segment: Sanem-Kockelscheuer
    Distance: 19,36 km
    Duration: 1:25 h
    Difficulty: medium
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  • © Emile Hengen , ORT SUD
    Cycling Tours
    Minett Cycle Preview: Segment Belvaux-Tétange
    Distance: 19,05 km
    Duration: 1:30 h
    Difficulty: difficult
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  • © Emile Hengen, ORT SUD
    Cycling Tours
    Minett Cycle Preview: Segment Sanem-Bettembourg
    Distance: 19,89 km
    Duration: 1:20 h
    Difficulty: medium
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...Unexpected sites in an unsuspected area...

The region in the south of Luxembourg has been strongly marked by the industrial culture but has managed to give itself a new identity over time, where the industrial past and new technologies melt into a unique mixture. 

Hip and modern cities offer a large variety of places to visit and explore: rock festivals and arts exhibitions, traditional restaurants in former industrial sites and star cuisine, nature reserves and spectacular rides on mining trains and much more. The Minett is young and dynamic, multicultural and colorful – simply a region of contrasts!


Esch-sur-Alzette, the second largest city in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, together with a total of 18 surrounding municipalities in Luxembourg and neighboring France, is this year's European Capital of Culture.

With more than 2000 events in the form of concerts, exhibitions, culinary excursions, workshops... and 160 projects by internationally acclaimed as well as locally established actors, visitors from all over the world are invited to discover the multicultural, cross-border region.

An ambitious program under the slogan "Remix Culture" by the municipalities as well as regional artists, associations and international cultural institutions celebrates the region in all its colors and sounds - and also its impressive nature!

Active tourists will get their enjoyment not least thanks to the cycling path "Minett Cycle" and a variety of tourist offers. Whether artistic projects along the path or the app "discoverARminett"- exciting industrial history, present and future are sustainably presented here. Why not tell people about your travel stories?

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