Escher Theater

Where? 122, rue de l'Alzette, L-4010 Esch-sur-Alzette

Escher Theater

The Escher Theater stages shows performed by visiting theatrical companies as well as presenting its own productions. Since 2018, it has been headed up by the theatre director Carole Lorang. Each season, it presents some fifty shows from the worlds of theatre, dance and music – or an amalgam of those disciplines –, including not only productions emanating from the European scene but also home-grown works from Luxembourg. The theatre’s location, standing as it does at the crossroads of several countries, underlines its cross-border, multicultural function as the provider of a multi-lingual programme of shows, staged primarily in French and German. Since 2018, one of the key aspects of its project has been its shows aimed at younger audiences, along with shows which affirm – through the use of humour in particular – its mission to question reality.

Tickets: tel. 54 03 87 / 54 09 16,


Address: Escher Theater
122, rue de l'Alzette
L-4010 Esch-sur-Alzette
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Phone:+352 27 54 50 10
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